Nothing you can achieve if you don't dream .
Everything that exists, first it was designed as a dream,
Everything that has been achieved, it was first thought.
One thing is sure, if you don't imagine...
you won't achieve nothing.

COMEA s.r.l. was founded by the strength of a father and the will of a son, beginning their activity with the construction of structures in carpentry and equipments for the maintenance of aircrafts. In 20 years of experience, to meet the different demand of the market, COMEA decides to invest in the acquisition of specific welding certifications and in high-precision machinery, developing its knowledge in supply projects "turnkey" plants, starting to operate in the following business areas:

  • Iron and Steel
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Submarine cable
  • Aeronautics
  • Naval
  • Special plants

Making use of a qualified technical staff, COMEA manages and develops projects, offering to customers solution of engineering, construction and installation. Thanks to low cost labor, high skills and flexibility dictated by a diversified clients base, Comea has oriented its growth towards a global vision using local roots. In 2010, the desire to expand their business and offer more services to customers, leads Comea to get the italian commercial representation of Industrias Electromecanicas GH SA, a spanish company leader in the design and manufacture of cranes and lifting systems. Passion, vision and diversification do COMEA an italian company that lives in the present, remembering the past and looking to the future.