COMEA viewed by
Joxi Azurmendi Altuna
of GH

July 2024

Joxi Azurmendi Altuna, a long career dedicated to GH Cranes.

I have been working in GH since 1991 doing technical-commercial activities. I mainly provide support to all delegates in different areas of the Iberian Peninsula and worldwide, creating real teams that fight together with passion and dedication for all the projects in which we participate.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but we always try to do a good job and make the client feel well looked after.

In addition to the support provided by the headquarter, I have always enjoyed getting to know the field of work of our delegates and the needs of the different customers ‘on site’. The direct contact with people is essential to give them the necessary and adequate support.

Tell us about the more than 10 years of collaboration with COMEA.

The first person from GH who started working with COMEA was my colleague Marc Esqué in 2010.  At that time, he was a GH commercial agent in Catalonia and due to the crisis that existed at that time in the local area, he was looking for companies that could collaborate with us in selling our products (cranes) in Italy and Switzerland.

My colleague Marc thus met our current commercial agent Sagnotta Valeria who represented the company COMEA. So we started working in the Italian market where GH Cranes was totally unknown.

Later, when my colleague went to India in search of new markets for GH, I started to work with COMEA and since then we have carried out very interesting  projects with Italian customers all over the world.

Who was COMEA yesterday and who it is today for GH?

At that time COMEA was a foreign company in the lifting industry.

Thanks to its attitude, collaboration, its main characteristic of being a company with a great team dedicated to special projects with relevant customers, it became over time our partner in the special cranes sector.

Today it is a company recognised at European and international level as machinery maker and turnkey solution provider for submarine cables with a promising future ahead of it.

COMEA continues to develop great work for GH in Italy and beyond, due to its large international projects and GH are able to provide comprehensive technical and commercial service in sales and after-sales in more than 70 countries.

What do you think has the added value of COMEA as a GH partner in Italy?

To sell in any country you have to ally yourself with local companies, otherwise it is very difficult to achieve good results. For us COMEA continues to develop a great job in Italy and not only, due to its major projects with international customers.

Sagnotta Valeria. Cardillo Piacentini Danilo. What you tell us about them?

Valeria Sagnotta dedicated exclusively to the GH Cranes sector, a woman of character, intelligent, hard-working, a fighter, a very good salesperson. She is the fundamental point of reference for our customers, always available, careful and ready to meet and satisfy at the best their needs. Meticulous in managing projects from the beginning to the end. A very good team mate.

Danilo Cardillo Piacentini, man of great personality. A true leader. With a strong ability to communicate with people. A person who in his greatness preserves a great value, the humility with everyone. An entrepreneur with a large and long-term vision of business.

A heartfelt thank you for the work that they and COMEA’s team carry on with true passion.

You are close to retirement. What do you foresee for COMEA?

After 34 years working for GH as a technical sales manager, I think it is the right time to give way to young people who are coming with new ideas and techniques. We have to be attentive to the markets and to the current needs of the customers, in order to set new strategies, which have little to do with the old ones.

I wish a very promising present-future to COMEA. The facts are there. It is a dynamic and globally oriented company.

It has left the comfort zone of the Italian market and is now facing international challenges that will lead it to become a recognised company with a brilliant brand image.