COMEA’s Silent Power


July 2024 It is them, the installation technicians, the invisible soul of the company, the ones who make our projects come to life and our customers satisfied. Their faces, without too many words, tell of the world, of cultures, of languages, of different people. They...
COMEA viewed by Joxi Azurmendi Altuna of GH

COMEA viewed by
Joxi Azurmendi Altuna
of GH

July 2024 Joxi Azurmendi Altuna, a long career dedicated to GH Cranes. I have been working in GH since 1991 doing technical-commercial activities. I mainly provide support to all delegates in different areas of the Iberian Peninsula and worldwide, creating real teams...
COMEA expands its Production Plant

COMEA expands
its Production Plant

March 2024 We are excited to announce a bold step towards growth and performance. In our constant search for operational excellence, we have begun the expansion of our plant. This ambitious investment is primarily aimed at significantly increasing of our production...
Submarine Project in Taiwan

Submarine Project
in Taiwan

March 2024 New Contract for COMEA, a significant milestone in the journey of international expansion and green energy innovation! We are proud to join the acquisition of Kaohsiung project, a landmark initiative in Taiwan’s renewable energy sector. As selected...