July 2024

It is them, the installation technicians, the invisible soul of the company, the ones who make our projects come to life and our customers satisfied.

Their faces, without too many words, tell of the world, of cultures, of languages, of different people. They mould themselves to the environment, to the climate, to European and international realities.

They work behind the scenes, don’t like to appear, but deserve most of our spotlight.

With sacrifice, passion, dedication and experience they face and overcome with competence and professionalism every challenge COMEA decides to embark on.

Their alarm clock knows no time, but it often has time zones to memorise.

They are family men, companions, boys, friends, simply men, our men. They always have stories to tell, anecdotes and vicissitudes to remember.

Sometimes they have difficulties to face, problems to overcome, but always a job to complete.

We believe that our success depends on the commitment and happiness of our team.

Following our conviction that COMEA is more than a company, we bet every day to create a comfortable and advanced place. A home and a source of hope for a safe, secure and reliable future full of opportunities for our employees.

We would like to express our gratitude also to the whole factory team for being the backbone of our company and for turning every challenge into a story of effort and improvement.

Supported by the workers, we will always look to new horizons, focused on improvement, excellence and innovation.

COMEA for them is family, it’s home, it’s hope, it’s future they can count on!