GH Cranes Real time

The Digital Transformation Of Industrial Maintenance

January 2023

Monitor the status of your cranes in real time and maximise the profitability of your business.

Thanks to a sophisticated digital ecosystem we connect machines, data and people in order to have control throughout the life cycle of the cranes. We use the latest technologies in data exploitation both in the crane and in the cloud to provide you with information on the life cycle of your equipment and improve the efficiency, safety and productivity of your work.

We have three service plans to adapt to the needs of your business: SMART, SAFE and PRODUCTIVE.

In these digital plans, we offer high-level analytics and control services, applying a layer of manufacturer knowledge to the data captured on service, operation and condition, using our own predictive algorithm with which we can calculate the life cycle of the crane components, as well as adjusting the maintenance strategies to the actual use of the crane.

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