Alessandro Scala
Electrical & Automation Engineering

September 2023

Tell us about you and your experience.

I was born in Napoli, that is still the city where I leave, and I have a master degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Industrial Automation and a second level master degree in Industrial Technology, both achieved at Federico II University.

My first work experience was with Boeing Commercial Airplane as electrical design lead for the 787 aircraft project. On 2008 I decided to start a professional experience as a freelance that lead me to found an engineering company, focused on electrical engineering, robotics and industrial automation.

When did you start working with COMEA?

I had the pleasure to meet COMEA and its CEO, Mr. Cardillo Piacentini Danilo, for the first time during an exciting work that I was leading for one of the most important company for production of submarine cables. We were involved in the electrical design for the automation of impregnation and degassing processes.

Each single project that I lived with COMEA from that moment, has been an exciting experience of life and teamworking that changed my life.

Which is your role in COMEA? What does your job currently consist of?

Since 2014 I am the Electrical and Automation director for COMEA. I lead a team of electrical and software engineers and technician that, in concurrence with COMEA mechanical design department follow the whole project, from the concept, through the installation, up to commissioning and the handover to the final customer, all over Europe.

Tell us about the automation applied to submarine cable equipment.

Regarding degassing and impregnation process, one of the most important aspect of this specific field of application is the need to have a continuous process for several days, both during laying and taking up of the cables: the event of a sudden and not expected interruption of the process, it costs huge amount of money and time for production. For these reasons, since the first project, all our attention has been focused on this concept and on the way to assure a reliable continuity of the necessary performance. Of course during the last 15 years, COMEA experimented several technical improvements, with the help of some specific R&D activities.

How important is the innovation, the technology, the automation today for the industry?

I personally think, without any kind of prejudice, that automation and robotics technologies, with the help of AI and machine learning solution, in the next 10 years will completely cover the 100% of repetitive and alienating industrial process in the world. Despite of the common thought, this will take us to a disruptive social revolution where the centrality of human resources will be strengthened in terms of decision making, skills and opportunity.

How has COMEA changed since you joined the company?

I have been witness of a deep transformation of COMEA mostly in terms of capacity to manage strategic project with all those big customers with a strong focus on safety and organization. Of course, since 2014, COMEA significantly improved even in terms of number of employee and in terms of partnership, due to the consolidation of some strategical customers all over Europe.

Today COMEA represents an excellence for the construction of degassing and impregnation automatic machine.

What can you tell us about the COMEA’s team?

I think is the most exciting team I’ve been working with !!!! The most important achievement of COMEA team is the capacity to naturally mix the sense of friendship with every day working tasks; this help all of us to mitigate even the most stressful moments.

What do you expect for the future from COMEA?

Thanks to the hard, proactive and “breaking through” R&D activities that COMEA performed in the last 10 years and it’s continuing to manage, I think that will become the most important company in the world in this specific field of application.

I am quite sure that COMEA will improve its business even out of Europe for new challenging and exciting project.

I am proud to be part of this company!