Simone Pimpinella
Our Young Talent

November 2023

Tell us about your educational background.

I attended the Industrial Technical Institute branch “Mechanics and Mechatronics,” graduating as an industrial technician.

I acquired specific skills in the field of materials, their selection, treatments and processing. Also knowledges on machines and devices used in manufacturing industries.

I have developed abilities in design, construction, testing of devices and products, implementation of related production processes, routine maintenance and operation of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems, as well as skills in sizing, installation and operation of industrial plants.

The attended course of study also pays attention to acting responsibly in compliance with workplace safety, environmental protection and rational energy use regulations. In fact, I learned how to “manage and innovate processes” related to business functions, with appropriate links to regulations that govern production and labor.

How do you define yourself?

I’m a very curious person with great passion for technical and engineering aspects manifested since childhood and cultivated over the years.

After graduation, I embarked on a university career in Mechanical Engineering to follow up on my inclination, but unfortunately I did not complete my studies. I got caught up in the desire to create my own independence right away and decided to approach the working world.

I do not regret anything about my choices, I am convinced that at that time in my life I probably needed to strengthen my character and better understand what my way was.

In any case, during my university years I had the opportunity to study in detail aspects of design, technical drawing and the organization of industrial production, treasuring the lessons I received.

Do you remember the first time in COMEA?

In March 2015 I was 20 years old. Talking with a friend who worked at COMEA, I learned about an open position as a milling machine operator. I went through the job interview and the company immediately wanted me as CNC machine operator.

Subsequently, slowly gaining the professional trust of the workshop manager and my superiors, I moved on to the job of CNC machine programmer working first on small parts and then getting involved on more complex parts.

In January 2018, the company underwent a period of great activity with an increasing work in the Engineering Department.

Due to my experience as technical designer during my studies, the company decided to offer me a radical change of role assigning a position as Technical Assistant in the engineering team.

How did you welcome this new opportunity?

With enormous joy, a strong desire to learn, improve and demonstrate my capabilities.

I began this new experience participating in the realization of a Mobile Hopper to be designed, fabricated and installed in Tajikistan. A project that weaned me immediately to the design aspects, finally leading me to the application of what my studies had been.

Since then it was as to race at high jump.

I had the opportunity to touch the entire life cycle of a COMEA product and to face with a complex and multidisciplinary project that integrates all principles of mechanics and automation at 360°.

After about a year, at the beginning of 2019, I was displaced to the Production Department working as an assistant.

At the turn of 2020-2021, to supplant a displacement of our Production Director, I held positions as both Production Manager and Technical Assistant. This was a particularly challenging period, in which I felt great responsibility as my work began to have a major impact on aspects of production and purchasing.

Years of deep experience that I welcomed with enthusiasm and that allowed me to achieve great professional results, as well as appreciation and trust from the entire technical and production team.

What role do you currently play?

Thanks to the versatility and experiences gained, the company wanted to reward my talents again giving me the opportunity to approach currently the position of Project Manager on some jobs, of course with the support and supervision of the Strategic Projects Director.

I’m very happy with what I have achieved up to now and grateful to COMEA, I will never finish to thank you for the opportunities it has given me.

What do you most appreciate about your company?

It is a continuous challenge for me, for the employees, each partner and supplier who work with us with perseverance and dedication.

I love the dynamism with which COMEA transforms and adapts to the new demands of the market and its customers. The opportunity for growth and training that it offers to motivated young people. The merit and commitment that is always recognized and rewarded.

Of fundamental importance is the attention to the employee, which I have experienced firsthand from a professional point of view, with many challenges and opportunities for growth, and from a human point of view, receiving constant comprehension and support in the most difficult moments.

What do you love about your job?

I love the technical environment that allows me to put my background into practice and carry on my passion. In addition, the complexity of the projects we realize providing constant challenges and stimuli for a continuous study and improvement, with great satisfactions related to overcoming obstacles.

It has passed just over 8 years, many different roles and departments, successes and lessons learned, but I like to think that this is still the beginning!