together again

October 2023

We are deeply enjoyed to announce the signing of a new contract with Coșkunöz MA for the supply of an additional overhead crane to install in Dragasani Plant in Romania.

This agreement represents for COMEA & GH Cranes an important milestone in the collaboration with one of the most important customers in the automotive sector.

We are talking about the Joint Venture between Automotive division of the Italian Group CLN and Turkish Coșkunöz Holding, specialized in producing car sub-components through metal forming and welding assembly.


together again for Coskunöz MA
The new contract with Coșkunöz MA is a testament to the trust and quality that COMEA & GH Cranes bring to its customers.

Our partnership has proven fruitful and beneficial in the past, and we are confident that this project will contribute significantly to the continued relationship of both companies.

The supply and installation of this new overhead crane of 40tn capacity will allow more efficient and safer handling of coils, thus improving efficiency in customer production processes.


The companies share common values of innovation, quality and dedication to excellence, which makes this alliance even more significant.

This new project highlights COMEA & GH Cranes’s commitment to constantly improving its operations and equipments investing in customer satisfaction.

Grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with Coșkunöz MA, this strengthened alliance promises a bright future of collaboration, innovation and shared success.

We are honored to lift the Coșkunöz MA’s world again.